Tractor Bodywork

We design our 3D Printed Tractor Bodywork with much eye for detail and precision. Because of that, we guarantee that everything fits like a glove, even if you don’t have an RCPP chassis.

On this page, we’ll go through all details and unique features of our 3D printed bodywork. Which is available in various configurations with different pricing options. You can find those at the bottom of this page.

Each body set is 3D printed and post-processed with great care. An RCPP tag is printed on the inside of every body to verify you have an original RCPP product, and not a knockoff.

Body Set - Ultimate
30+ Designs

30+ Designs and counting

Everyone has a different taste; that’s part of life, right? With 30+ designs and counting, we have a fitting design for everyone! So whether you like Red, Green, Blue, or other colors, we got you covered! Please check Tractor Body Designs to see all designs.

Apart from the tractor brand and type, you can also choose the rollcage design for every body set. Or choose to add exhaust pipes or a decal set to complete the set!

If we don’t have a fitting design for whatever reason, feel free to ask for a custom design! We will explain more about custom designs later on this page.

Custom Design

As we mentioned above, if we don’t have a fitting design, we can make you something custom! Nothing is too complicated; we have designed anything from tractors and trucks to cars and custom chassis covers.

It’s challenging to say the exact cost for a custom project. It all depends on the level of complexity and how much detail is required. If you have a custom project for us, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote.

Some of the custom projects we’ve done are:

  • Custom tractor bodies
  • Truck bodies & parts
  • Car bodies & parts
  • Custom scale engines
  • Custom detailing parts
  • Custom scale tractors
  • Mechanical parts
  • Many other pulling-related things
Custom Design
Custom Design
3D bodies - scalable


By default, all our 3D printed body sets are 1/10th scale and fit every RCPP chassis and some other 3rd-party chassis.

That doesn’t mean we can’t print them in different scales. We often print for scale builders in smaller scales like 1/16, 1/24, and 1/32. Currently, 1/32 is the smallest we can go with our current 3D-printing equipment.

At this moment it’s not possible to order different sized body sets online. If you are interested in a different scale, please reach out to us for a custom price quote.


All 3D printed body sets fit on RCPP chassis. But since we work with many other builders, we can offer different chassis covers for 3rd-party tractors as well! Below, you find an overview of supported chassis manufacturers:

  • RCPP Sidewinder Series
  • RCPP EZ-Pull Series
  • CPT Chassis (works for most flat-bar chassis)
  • Jeff Shirley Chassis

Chassis covers are designed to be universal, so if you are not sure about your chassis: don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We can tell you if one of the existing chassis covers fits with minor adjustments or if a custom design is necessary.

What’s included?

Every 3D printed body set is carefully printed on a professional 3D printer with durable and robust material. We remove all support after the printing process and carefully check for defects or artifacts.

After post-processing, the body set is carefully packed to provide optimum protection during its journey to your door! An instruction sheet is included on how to handle and maintain your brand new body.

Free worldwide shipping by UPS is included with all body sets! Keep in mind that the USD price may vary due to exchange rates.

Included with every 3D printed body set:

  • Scale 1/10 by default
  • High-Quality and durable 3D print
  • Checked thoroughly for defects
  • Carefully packed for shipping
  • RCPP authenticity-tag inside body
  • Shipping cost inlcuded in pricing

Possible upgrades:

  • 3D Printed in color
  • Exhaust pipes
  • Decal sets
  • Custom designs
Budget Tractor Body
€149 | $165
For DIY Enthusiasts
Bodywork of choice
Durable material
Heat Resistant up to 80c/176f
Standard print quality
Chassis cover of choice
Detailing parts
Printed in color
Budget Tractor Body Set
Premium Tractor Body
Ultimate Tractor Body
€249 | $275
Best Value
Bodywork of choice
Durable material
Heat Resistant up to 80c/176f
Fine print quality
Chassis cover of choice
Detailing parts
Printed in color
Ultimate Tractor Body Set

Need more info?

Are you interested in 3D printed bodywork but have more questions about them? Please fill out the form on the right side. The more details you give us, the more accurate we can answer you. Please include:

  • What tractor brand or type your are looking for
  • What chassis you are running
  • Which scale you need (I.e 1/10 or 1/16)
  • Printed in white/grey, or full color?
  • Do you need exhaust pipes, decal sets etc…?

We try to get back to you within 24 hours on working days!

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