About RC PullingParts

How it started

RC PullingParts was formed in September 2014 with the idea to show people the parts we make on Facebook. As soon as we posted the parts we made people began asking about them and if we could make them some parts too. Soon the first parts were going to the very first customers. And from there everything went so fast that we needed to open a webstore in December 2014!

Innovation not imitation

As our logo states “Innovation not imitation”. This is exactly what drives us, to keep innovating new things for RC pullers to make building easier for all skill levels. After introducing 3D printers to our workshop everything became even easier and quicker. Bodywork we can now 3D print, prototype parts we can 3D print first to see if it works. We are constantly looking to expand our machinery and tools to stay on top of the latest innovations.

Opening RC PullingParts USA

Since RC PullingParts originates in the Netherlands, Europe. It was sometimes more than difficult to offer good shipping rates to the United States, especially on small orders. In January 2017 we partnered with BackwoodsRC in Tennessee, USA. Where we keep stock, offer local 3D printing, and other services only for the United States! A few months later we also introduced a webstore for the United States only.


Once our location in the United States opened, we received various requests from people to become dealerships. We’re very honored that our services are recognized and that people and shops are willing to distribute them over the world. Therefore we introduced the Dealerships in June 2017, everyone who has an RC store, or who builds pullers can now apply to become an authorized RC PullingParts dealership.

Please contact us for any questions or suggestions!

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