Den Hout, Netherlands

I have been into RC since the age of 6, first starting with RC cars and planes. And since the age of 10-18, RC racing at a high level. But besides RC racing, Tractor Pulling was another major passion. Around the age of 10, I met Martin Stouten, who just finished his first turbine RC puller. He provided lots of info and helped me to get started, and about a year later, my first puller was born.

In 2009 a life-long dream was fulfilled: building and driving my own garden puller and a compact diesel in the European competition. Sadly, in 2014 I was forced to stop with garden pulling due to my heart and lung issues.

To keep me busy, I decided to build a new RC puller again. In the meantime, social media grew, and I decided to share the building progress on Facebook. It got way more response than I ever hoped for, so RC PullingParts was born in October 2014. I’ve built many cool projects, and I’m sure many more will come!

In 2016 Jason joined the venture to expand RC PullingParts to the USA with the ultimate goal to become the #1 one-stop-shop for
RC Pullers, and we strive every day to become that.

Due to my health issues, I can’t always guarantee a deadline.
But since building pullers is my kind of therapy to forget about all the daily issues, I can guarantee you will receive a unique puller built with a lot of passion and  a little bit of my soul in it!

First puller
Jason Rogers

Chapel Hill, TN, United States.

Jason has been a long-time RC enthusiast from early childhood. This obsession was passed down from his father.
In 2007 he founded BackwoodsRC, a local hobby Sales/Repair Shop. BackwoodsRC quickly expanded to support a five-vehicle racing team in 2wd stadium trucks.

In 2012 BackwoodsRC focused its efforts on RC Truck and Tractor Pulling. The TN Pulling Club BackwoodsRC Pulling team of TN was born. BWRC is also proud to be the TN Chapter for No-Limit of TN. BWRC is a well-established club with an indoor pulling facility.

In 2016 Jason joined Mitch of RC Pulling Parts as co-owner to combine precision craftsmanship, designs, and marking to grow RCPP into one of the world’s largest manufacturers of RC pulling parts. The USA shop is run by Jason and has full design capabilities, Machining, 3D printing, and vinyl decals and paint.

The focus of RCPP is to bring your ideas to life with custom builds. We have a network of dealers with specialized skills that we can utilize for even the most complex build.