Den Hout, Netherlands

Mitch has been into RC since the age of 6, first starting out with RC cars and planes. And since the age of 10-18 RC racing at a high level. In meantime, he got infected by the pulling virus, and build various RC pullers as well. In 2009 the ultimate goal was reached: driving a compact diesel in the European competition, unfortunately, this ended in 2014 after many health struggles. He decided to go back to RC pulling, sharing the build progress on Facebook showed a lot of interest from people. As a result of that, RC PullingParts was founded in October 2014. Everything went very fast, many projects were built and the workshop expanded quickly. In 2016 Jason joined the venture to expand RC PullingParts to the United States with the goal to become one of the world’s largest manufacturer for RC pulling parts.

Spring Hill, TN, United States

Jason has been a long time RC enthusiast from early childhood. This obsession was passed down from his father. In 2007 he founded BackwoodsRC a local hobby Sales/Repair Shop. BackwoodsRC quickly expanded to support a five-vehicle racing team in 2wd stadium truck. In 2012 BackwoodsRC focused its efforts into RC Truck and Tractor Pulling. The TN Pulling Club BackwoodsRC Pulling team of TN was born. BWRC is also proud to be the TN Chapter for No-Limit of TN. BWRC is a well-established club with an indoor pulling facility. In 2016 Jason joined Mitch of RC Pulling Parts as co-owner to combine precision craftsmanship, designs, and marking to grow RCPP into one of the largest manufactures of pilling parts in the world. The USA shop is ran by Jason and has full design capabilities, Machining, 3D printing as well as vinyl decals and paint. The focus of RCPP is to bring your ideas to life with custom builds. We have a network of dealers that have specialized skills that we can utilize for even the most complex build.

Currently RC PullingParts has many capabilities to product almost any possible part, with various CNC machines, laser engraver & cutter, over six 3D printers and multiple vinyl plotters we can adapt to any situation to provide you with high-quality parts. See the overview below for all services:

  • CNC Milling (up to 4 axis)
  • CNC Turning
  • Laser engraving & cutting (including metals)
  • 3D Printing (Up to 500x500x500mm size)
  • Plotting of vinyl & full-color stickers
  • 3D Modeling
  • Graphic Design
  • Customized parts or pullers