EZ-Pull 1 vs EZ-Pull 2

What are the differences? We often get the question: What is the actual difference between EZ-Pull 1 vs EZ-Pull 2. We’re dedicating this blog post to answering that question. All differences and improvements will be highlighted and explained. Rear-Axle Bracket We made the most significant changes to the rear axle construction. With EZ-Pull 1, the […]

Build Blog #2 – Getting back on track

Custom built tractor

Getting back on track It’s been a while since the first build blog! And for a good reason, sadly various health issues came on my path but I’m getting back on track thankfully! This took me out for approximately 2-3 months. At the moment I’m slowly picking things up again to get back into everything […]

Build Blog #1 – A diverse week!?

4-engine Modified

Build Blog #1! I’m absolutely not a writer so forgive me for any spelling mistakes but I’ll do my best to make this an interesting blog. It has been a busy and interesting week with all kinds of stuff happening which I will share in this blog. Final word That’s it for build blog #1! […]