Build Blog #2 – Getting back on track

Custom built tractor

Getting back on track

It’s been a while since the first build blog! And for a good reason, sadly various health issues came on my path but I’m getting back on track thankfully! This took me out for approximately 2-3 months. At the moment I’m slowly picking things up again to get back into everything again.

In the past week some exciting things have happened so let’s get straight into it!

Custom tractor build

This build has taken a long time, mainly because it is our old-generation chassis which requires an insane amount of custom work.

Last week, it was finally ready to get shipped to it’s new owner in the US. It is a replica build of a John Deere 8345r tractor which will be painted and detailed by the new owner once it arrives.

Custom built tractor
D21 scale parts 1/16

1/16 scale parts

For a customer from Canada we’ve printed these 1/16 scale parts. They have been custom designed according to the customer’s requirements.

They will be used for a 1/16th scale model of a Allis-Chalmers D21 pulling tractor. Everything was 3D printed in high resultion to get the most detail.

EZ-Pull chassis release

During this week our brand new EZ-Pull chassis has been released as well.

It’s very exciting for us to show it to the world after all the hours we put into designing, testing, redesigning, and testing some more… It’s finally ready to be build!

There’s a special dedicated EZ-Pull page on the website now, please check it out in case you are interested in the features of this new chassis.

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