EZ-Pull 1 vs EZ-Pull 2

What are the differences?

We often get the question: What is the actual difference between EZ-Pull 1 vs EZ-Pull 2. We’re dedicating this blog post to answering that question. All differences and improvements will be highlighted and explained.

Rear-Axle Bracket

We made the most significant changes to the rear axle construction. With EZ-Pull 1, the bracket was slotted inside the chassis side plates and held together with standoffs. While this is a very rigid construction, it made it more challenging to maintain the rear axle because removing one side of the chassis was necessary to access it.

EZ-Pull 2 features a CNC machined bracket that bolts into the chassis instead. The new chassis side plates now have 7mm cutouts facing towards the bottom, allowing the rear-axle to be taken out when the bracket and axle supports are removed. This was a meaningful change to make maintenance more straightforward since the chassis can stay assembled entirely.

EZ-Pull 1 Rear Axle Bracket

EZ-Pull 1 Rear Axle Bracket

EZ-Pull 2 Rear Axle Bracket (CNC Machined)

T-Max Spool & Axle Supports

We made some minor tweaks to the T-Maxx spool as well, it has bigger and different types of set screws to ensure maximum holding force on the main axle.

The axle supports mounted to the side of the chassis received a major overhaul. The axle supports on EZ-Pull 1 had a single bearing on the outside. Which sometimes gave some issues with the bearing coming loose after much usage.

With EZ-Pull 2, this is no longer a possibility. The new axle supports are still 3D printed but reinforced with carbon fibers. They now have fully enclosed dual bearings to support the axle over the whole length.

EZ-Pull 1 Axle Support.

EZ-Pull 2 Axle Support with enclosed dual bearings.

Front Weight Bar

In the feedback we got from our customers, we sometimes heard that in the 12lb class with 3s batteries, it sometimes was slightly too light on the nose.

To tackle that issue, we redesigned the front weight bar for EZ-Pull 2. It’s slightly longer, which allows adding a total of 12 weights on the front instead of 10 weights as it was on EZ-Pull 1.

EZ-Pull 1 Front Weightbar

10 weights fitted on EZ-Pull 1.

EZ-Pull 2 Front Weightbar

12 weights fitted on EZ-Pull 2.

Front body clamp

On EZ-Pull 1, the front body clamp system was located above the front axle, which caused the upright to touch the bolt that holds the clamp system.

We have relocated the front clamping system on EZ-Pull 2. It moved slightly further towards the back, which results in a bigger steering angle.

EZ-Pull 1 Body Clamp

Steering system touching the body clamp bolt.

EZ-Pull 2 Body Clamp

Body clamp moved, steering system not touching.


The gearbox itself works great and has no changes. The only thing we changed is adding holes on the front and back. If the spur gear’s bolts come loose, you can tighten them with your Allen key through the hole instead of having to take out the whole gear assembly.

EZ-Pull 1 Gearbox.

Improved gearbox with additional holes.

EZ-Pull 1 vs EZ-Pull 2 – Configurations

In big lines, the default configurations for EZ-Pull 2 remain the same compared to EZ-Pull 1.

EZ-Pull Basic – € 399
The most significant change is the EZ-Pull Basic kit, which used to be a rolling chassis without a body set. We’ve turned the Basic kit into a slider chassis instead. Therefore we can offer it cheaper for DIY enthusiasts.

EZ-Pull Premium – € 649
Our EZ-Pull Premium kit is pretty much identical to the EZ-Pull 1 kit. The only change we made is that you get, by default, aluminum front wheels.

EZ-Pull Ultimate – € 849
We made did some slight changes to the EZ-Pull Ultimate kit. Where EZ-Pull 1 had aluminum (rear) rims included, EZ-Pull 2 does not. Instead of that, you will get a painted chassis in a color of choice with a decal set rather than a vinyl-wrapped chassis.

Final word

Hopefully, this blog post answered all your questions about EZ-Pull 2.0! If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Don’t forget that the EZ-Pull 2.0 Pre-Order starts Friday, June 25th, at 9 pm CEST or 12 pm PST. It will work on a first-come, first-serve basis so make sure you pre-order early on if you want one.