EZ-Pull 2.0 Chassis

The EZ-Pull 2.0 Chassis is the successor of our original EZ-Pull chassis. In addition, we’ve introduced various upgrades to make it even better than the previous one!

On this page, we’ll go through all details and unique features of the EZ-Pull chassis. It is available in various configurations with different pricing options. You can find those at the bottom of this page.

Each EZ-Pull chassis will come with a unique serial number on the chassis and manual. So you’re always guaranteed to get an original and authentic RC PullingParts EZ-Pull chassis.

EZ-Pull Premium
EZ-Pull Chassis
EZ-Pull Premium
EZ-Pull body clamping system

Body clamping system

A common issue is holding down the body during a pull. Using velcro tape or other adhesives is often necessary to keep your body in place when pulling.

With the EZ-Pull chassis, this is no longer an issue. The chassis has an integrated body clamping system. You can simply push on the body, and the clamps will clamp it down on the chassis.

On the side of the chassis, you find pushbuttons. Just push these to release the body when you need to do maintenance or swap batteries.


The EZ-Pull chassis features a unique gearbox concept that accepts both 10th and 8th scale brushless motors and nitro and gas engines.

By default, there are three different aluminum gear sizes available:

  • 42T gear – for low RPM range.
  • 60T gear – for medium RPM range.
  • 80T gear – for high RPM range.

You can change gears within a matter of minutes. It is also possible to flip the gearbox 180 degrees in the chassis to allow the brushless motor to be mounted either in the front or rear position.

Rear axle
EZ-Pull uses a modified T-Maxx differential, with a CNC machined aluminum spool inside and a 6mm D-shaft. An aluminum CNC machine bracket holds the rear axle in place. On the sides, 3D printed axle supports with dual bearings ensure optimal support for the axle.

A steel heavy-duty universal joint connects the gearbox and rear axle with a 6mm D-shaft.

EZ-Pull gearbox


The EZ-Pull chassis comes with various options to place your electronics. By default, we mount a mini steering servo in the front of the chassis. But the front axle mounting blocks also accept a full-size servo if you wish to use one.

EZ-Pull includes a battery bracket with velcro straps. Depending on your motor setup, you can strap the battery on top or bottom of the bracket. Your ESC can go on top or the bottom as well, depending on where you located the battery.

Everything is nicely covered by 3D printed cover plates, which you can quickly remove to access the compartment for a quick battery change or other adjustments.

Hitch & rear section

The EZ-Pull chassis comes with a 10mm thick aluminum hitch plate with two adjustment holes to bolt the hitch into. The hitch itself has a 0.6″ adjustment slot and can be flipped upside down, which will give you many adjustment possibilities.

The wheely bars are adjustable in height as well. Loosen up two 3mm bolts, and you can slide them up or down in the chassis.

Thanks to these adjustment options, you can use any tire size you want, whether clod busters, USA-1, or RC4WD tires. You can adjust everything to get a setup that fits your needs.

Adjustable hitch & wheely bars


The chassis is designed to be as flexible as possible. It is compatible with all our 3D printed bodies. Our older generation bodies will fit as well but might require minor adjustments.

Furthermore, it has aluminum weight bars on the front, rear, and backside of the tractor which will fit any default sized lead or laser-cut weight.

What’s included?

By default, every EZ-Pull chassis is very complete and includes everything you need to hit the ground running.

Various upgrades are available for every EZ-Pull chassis.

Full replica and RTR projects are also available, but keep in mind these take longer to produce due to the extra detailing work.

Unless you purchase an RTR tractor, every chassis will require a motor & ESC, battery, and remote control set to operate it.

Keep in mind that the USD prices may fluctuate due to the exchange rates.

Included with every EZ-Pull chassis

  • Full aluminum chassis
  • Aluminum front axle
  • Mini steering servo
  • Modular gearbox with spur gear
  • Modified T-Maxx rear axle
  • Clod tires & wheel adapters
  • 3D printed cover plates
  • Front/Rear/Hitch weight bars
  • Adjustable hitch & wheely bars
  • Body clamping system
  • Battery bracket with straps
  • Lifetime support
  • Unique chassis serial number

Possible upgrades

  • Aluminum rear wheels
  • 3D printed bodywork in color of choice
  • Painted chassis/body in color of choice
  • Various gear options
  • RTR kits
  • Full replica builds
  • Ask for anything else you would like!
EZ-Pull - Basic (slider)
€449 | $499
For DIY Enthusiasts
Full aluminum chassis
Aluminum front axle
Modular gearbox (1 gear)
Front/Rear/Hitch weightbars
Adjustable hitch & wheelybars
Steering servo included
3D printed cover plates
Aluminum front rims
3D printed bodyset of choice
Rollcage & detailing of choice
Aluminum rear rims
Painted chassis
EZ-Pull 2.0 - Basic
EZ-Pull 2.0 Premium Chassis
EZ-Pull - Ultimate
€999 | $1100
Best Value
Full aluminum chassis
Aluminum front axle
Modular gearbox (3 gears)
Front/Rear/Hitch weightbars
Adjustable hitch & wheelybars
Steering servo included
3D printed cover plates
Aluminum front rims
3D printed bodyset of choice
Rollcage & detailing of choice
Aluminum rear rims
Painted chassis
EZ-Pull 2.0 Ultimate

Need more info?

If you are interested in EZ-Pull chassis but have more questions about the chassis. Please fill out the form on the right side. The more details you give us, the more accurate we can answer you. Please include:

  • Which EZ-Pull edition you are interested in
  • What motor/ESC you are going to use
  • What type of bodywork you want on it
  • Whether you want a replica build or not
  • If you want an RTR tractor or not

Due to high demand, we currently work on a reservation (pre-order) basis. The indicated lead time is approximately 2-3 months.

If you have special requests, don’t forget to mention them in the message since custom builds can take a lot more time than usual.

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