EZ-Pull Chassis Introduction

EZ-Pull Chassis

EZ-Pull Chassis… What is it?

Everyone who follows us on Facebook already saw a preview a few months back. But today we proudly present you the RC PullingParts EZ-Pull Chassis! As the name suggests, the chassis is meant to be easy in every aspect you can think of. You can easily switch from brushless motors to nitro engines and vice versa. Below we will highlight some features.

Body clamping system

An issue we often see is holding down the bodywork on a tractor during a pull. With EZ-Pull this problem is non-existent, it features a clever body clamping system that allows you to push the body on the chassis. The clamps will grip the body and hold it down, on the side of the chassis there are 2 push buttons which will release the body when pushed.

Modular gearbox

The gearbox is extremely flexible, you can choose from 3 different gearing options to make sure your setup has the correct gearing. But that’s not all! The gearbox accepts both brushless motors AND nitro engines. In case your chassis is set up for a brushless motor, you can simply flip the gearbox 180 degrees in the chassis and it will accept nitro engines. All this can be done within minutes and all required tools and brackets are included as well.


EZ-Pull has an adjustable hitch that allows you to set your hitch to virtually any height that suits the class you’re driving in. The wheely bars are adjustable as well! This allows you to run any size of pulling tire on the market without worrying about your setup. It also has weight bars on the front, rear, and above the hitch which accept standard-sized suitcase weights.

Any 3D printed body from RCPP will fit the chassis, our older generation bodies will fit as well but might need minor adjustments.

Check it out!

There are many more exciting features for this chassis! Please check out the EZ-Pull Chassis page for all details, pricing, and contact options to get one!