New Website

RC PullingParts

It has taken a while but I can finally present to you the brand new website! Along with a new logo for a fresh new look, which will also be used for our social media presence.

For now, it’s just the main website. I’m still working on the US web store in the meantime, there are many plans I want to execute with this new website, so below you find a small summary of what to expect:

  • Project galleries to show our products and projects.
  • The United States & EU web stores.
  • A “build blog” where I will post progress and pictures on projects which are currently being worked on.
  • Videos and time-lapses of projects and parts coming to life.
  • Q&A’s, How-tos, and, FAQs.
  • For the subscribers, a weekly newsletter with the latest news and special offers.

For now, the main focus is to get the new web store online as soon as possible. There are many new brands and products so we’re very excited about this to release as well. In meantime, I’m also busy with building projects, of course, I will do my best to post a weekly or bi-weekly build blog with updates and pictures from the current projects.