CNC Machining

To build a puller you’ll face the need of custom parts, with our CNC machining services we can provide you every custom part you need.

CNC Milling

With a 3 axis CNC milling machine we can make most custom parts with ease. With a maximum milling area of 220x110x250mm (8.6×4.3×9.4″) we are very flexible for RC sized parts. This milling machine is capable of milling anything from wood and plastic, aluminum and other soft metals and steel. For more complex projects like 4 and 5 axis milling, we can offer very sharp offers as well.

CNC Turning

Round parts are ideal for our CNC lathe, with this machines we can take a maximum diameter of 60mm (2.35″). Our lathe can machine wood, plastics and soft metals like aluminum on high speed. Sadly it’s not suitable for steel and other materials. However, we do have manual lathes which can machine any material.

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